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Sewing & Vinyl tipsUpdated 2 years ago

Is this vinyl heat transfer?


Can I iron vinyl?

All of my vinyl, except for the see-through plastic versions can be ironed from the wrong side. I have many videos on my YouTube channel and in my tutorials demonstrating this. 

Can I order different size cuts of vinyl?

We offer 18" sq, 18 x 36, and 18 X 54". Our scrap packs have multi-sized units included. Some vinyl is offered at 18" x 27"; most vinyl is now cut at the factory. We package it here, either in plastic bags or tissue paper. 

Can I sew or embroider this vinyl? 

Yes, you can sew & embroider this vinyl! 

Absolutely, you can QUILT the Soft Vinyl Collection.

See my Free Guide to Sewing Vinyl. I have lots of helpful tips in this FREE printable PDF Guide.

Do I need special tools?

Always use a Teflon sewing foot when sewing vinyl it makes a world of difference. Use a good-quality poly blend of All-Purpose thread and the correct needle for your material. 

I host weekly LIVE events on my Facebook page and often make vinyl and cork projects. You can watch the replays anytime. 

What sewing machines do you use?

I sew on only DOMESTIC machines- I do not have an industrial machine. ALL of my vinyl is sewable on a domestic machine. You may need to get a Teflon sewing foot for some of the vinyl. ALSO-not all machines are created equal! I NEVER recommend buying a Singer from Joann's - sorry, they just don't have oomph.

Two of my machines are refurbished - look for older machines in "well loved and working" condition for quality without the price - they work!

1. My fave: Bernina 1008 (mechanical only) I use a Teflon foot on this one for vinyl sewing.

2. Juki TL2000 Qi (not the famous bag machine everyone has, but it's nearly identical and half the price).

3. Bernina 350 entry-level electronic machine - use a Teflon foot!

4. Janome skyline S7 -she doesn't like vinyl as much, so I use soft vinyl on her. Funnily enough, she is the most expensive machine of all mine ( I didn't buy her by the way). Some machines are made for specific purposes like quilting and piecing. Keep this in mind, and move forward.

PLEASE use my Vinyl Sewing Guide if you are new or having trouble with vinyl. It's there for you always and there is a PDF printable!! HERE.

You CAN do it, you might have to try more than once --like MOST THINGS in life!!!!!!!!! ❤ 

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